Should you move your business email to Office 365?

February 12, 2020

More and more businesses are migrating their email to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. Once you see the benefits it’s clear to see why!

The IT sector is constantly evolving which can make it difficult for a small business to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Migrating your email to Microsoft Office 365 not only gives you industry leading Exchange Online email, but you also gain access to SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Skype which are all essential requirements for a business of any size. Better still, Microsoft manage all this for you leaving you to focus your energy into your business.

So why should you move to Microsoft Office 365?

  • Work anywhere in the world

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud solution that allows access to documents, email and conference calling anytime anywhere in the world. You’re not limited to device either, Office 365 will work across PC’s & Macs and all phone types including Android and Apple.

  • You’re always up to date

Office 365 is always up to date because it’s in the cloud. You’ll have access to the latest versions as soon as they’re available with no downtime and with no extra cost.

  • Data security

Gone are the days of running your own backups. Your data is safe as it’s stored within Microsoft’s many secure data centres. For UK customers this data is stored within their Ireland data centre so you will continue to comply with GDPR practises.

  • Deliverability

Let face it, Microsoft Exchange mail services that Office 365 is built on has been around since 1996 so Microsoft sure know how to deliver email! Having emails end up in customers spam folders will lose you sales and increase frustration from the recipient. Having worry free email deliverability is especially import for membership and e-commerce sites that send out a lot of transactional email.

  • Cost

Having enterprise level email isn’t actually that expensive. Microsoft offers various plans to suit all business sizes and needs. Take a look here.

We recommend that most of our customers make the switch to office 365. This can usually be setup by the business themselves with a little technical knowledge but if you would our help just get in touch. Blink Web have migrated 100+ customers to Office 365 so you’ll definitely be in safe hands.

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