We’ve had an upgrade!

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We’ve had an upgrade!

server storage

We’ve had an upgrade!

Since starting out, our customers have continued to grow. Because of this we’ve moved our hosted websites to ultra-fast dedicated servers with SSD storage.

Shared web hosting is like a game or Kerplunk! One bad user can cause the entire server to come crashing down. We’ve moved away from shared hosting which means all sites hosted with us are on servers owned and managed purely by Blink Web.


We have our own allotment of resources allowing our customers to enjoy faster load times. Faster load times also increases websites SEO. The resources can be scaled up and down depending on site usage with no down time.


Unlike shared hosting, the traffic and activity of other websites on the same server does not negatively affect our customer’s operation.

Full Management

There’s nothing worse than being dictated by a web hosting company with what you can and can’t install. If you build a web app and need a future installed… No problem! Having our own servers means we can scale and install any application you need.